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Child Development Centre of China

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Child Development Centre of China (CDCC)

Xizhimen, Guanyuan
Beijing 100035
People’s Republic of China

Tel: +86-10-66160139
Fax: +86-10-66160115

Niu Xiaomei

– Promoting early childhood development, especially the work with community
and family
– Prevention and promotion of mental and physical development of children
in Weishan Lake areas
– An experiment in decreasing the loss of iodine in iodized salt
– Investigation of the effects of psychological characteristics and social
factors on the delivery course of women
– Studies of community services and counselling for the psychological and
behavioural development of Chinese children
– Early identification and intervention in longitudinal observation for
retarded infants
– Pilot studies on movement therapy for obese children
– Pilot studies on intervention of children with learning difficulties by
3.3.3 teaching system
– Health management for children of school
– Participatory training materials for community workers on the subjects
of prevention of acute respiratory infection, communication skills and promotion
of girls’ education
– Audiovisual education materials on prevention of children’s accidents
and injury

– child nutrition and health care
– child psychology and
– information and data
– publicity and training

43 professionals:
– 18 senior professionals
– 19 middle professional title
– 5 research assistants

As CDCC is an institution with a multidisciplinary approach, the disciplines
in which CDCC staff are involved are:
– health care
– child nutrition
– child psychology
– computers
– information and audiovisual and printed materials production

– National working committee for women and children
– All-China Women’s Federation and network in 30 provinces
– CDCC Experts’ Commitee consisting of 28 professors from national research
institutions in child health care, child nutrition, child education, child
psychology, and health education
– 4 associated research centres in Beijing
– 8 regional research centres

Last updated: 14 September 1998