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Travels in the Trench Between   Child Welfare Theory and Practice

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Special Notice    Travels in the Trench Between   Child Welfare Theory and Practice

The Book

In his introduction, Author George Thomas says:

“This book is about the evolution of child welfare services over the last half

century, beginning after World War II. Since these services have been dominated by

government and bureaucratized during that time, it is appropriate to visualize them as a

small box within the larger box of the social services that, in turn, is totally encased

by the world of public affairs, a world characterized by the interplay of political and

bureaucratic forces.”

Thus the book begins, and we are reminded that our child welfare system,

now so much under scrutiny in these days of social change, actually “came” from

someplace, and is significantly shaped by its environment and its context. Travels in

the Trench” is an unflinching look at the system and an invaluable resource for

those of us who feel that we are the ones laboring in the trenches, where social needs are

met and social problems like child abuse are struggled with on a day-to-day basis. This

book, published in 1994, is a compelling resource, now that “we are ending welfare as

we knew it.”

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The Author

George Thomas has never been called shy and retiring. Despite the professorial Ph.D. after

his name, George has always spent his time out where the action is, and where change is

most likely to occur. He has been a professor, he has been a youth worker, he has been a

researcher, and he has been a pioneer in the world of computers in social work. Click for

a biography that is provided in the book, and on “traveler in the trench” for the way Dr. Thomas

describes how is got himself into the trench in the first place. You can write to the

author: George Thomas.

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The Print Publisher

Haworth Press is proud to support this pioneering example of Internet publishing for the

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changes in the child welfare system. Haworth feels that this book, and its electronic

publication, are both perfect examples of our commitment to publishing mission.

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The Online Version

NOTE: This electronic publication represents a special collaboration between the

original publisher and the Cornell/LifeNET Child Abuse Prevention Network.

The Haworth Press retains all publishing rights for the book serialized here. The Child

Abuse Prevention Network has permission to publish the original volume in electronic form.

The Child Abuse Prevention Network is dedicated to creating comprehensive support to the

goal of reducing child maltreatment in the family setting. We are making this electronic

publication available in a unique form, with the goal of alerting readers to its

availability, and the purpose of enhancing the usefulness of the information in meeting

our mission.

Readers are invited to explore every aspect of these pages. The materials found here

are the intellectual property of The Haworth Press, the author, and the Cornell/LifeNET

Child Abuse Prevention Network. If you have any questions we would be most happy to answer

them. You can write to us directly from this page:

Tom Hanna, The Child Abuse Prevention Network

Sanda Sickles, The Haworth Press

George Thomas, Author

We welcome your feedback! And be sure to visit us:

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[Haworth co-indexing entry note]: “Introduction-A View from the Trench,”

Thomas, George. Co-published simultaneously in Child & Youth Services (The Haworth

Press, Inc.) Vol. 17, No. 1/2, 1994, pp. 1-31; and: Travels in the Trench Between Child

Welfare Theory and Practice: A Case Study of Failed Promises and Prospects for Renewal

(George Thomas) The Haworth Press, Inc., 1994, pp. 1-31. Multiple copies of this

article/chapter may be purchased from The Haworth Document Delivery Center

[1-800-3-HAWORTH; 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (EST)]. � 1994 by The Haworth Press, Inc. All

rights reserved.

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