Mobile Drug Testing For Staff

What benefits does mobile employer drug testing provide?

Making your workplace drugs-free may be the dream of a company. Employers want to make their workplaces drug-free to maintain discipline and achieve other performance goals. It sometimes becomes a real challenge for them. So, we are here with a practical solution to this problem. Simply, we purpose you to use American mobile drug testing in the workplace. This method is not only cost-effective but also gives results within minutes.

Now you do not need to go to the labs, pay their charges, and wait for the results. Interested to learn more about mobile drug testing? Read this article thoroughly. We will cater to you with interesting information regarding the benefits of mobile drug testing, random tests, pre-employment testing, and many more. Let’s start with the benefits of the mobile drug testing method.

  • Reduction in Downtime

Mobile drug testing services are highly cost-effective. It does not require a huge investment to install this system at the workplace and ensure proper drug testing of employees. Without it, you may have to consume your company’s fuel to take suspicious employees to the drug testing office and grab their test results for saliva drug, urine drug, mouth swab test, and marijuana drug test Definitely, this method can cause an additional cost.

  • Reduction in delay time

In the USA mobile drug testing method consumes less time and provides results quickly. Without a mobile testing method, you will have to wait so long or in case of delays in tests you may get changed results. So, among the major benefits of this method, vital importance is given to the time reduction benefit.

  • Higher participation

The time-friendly and cost-effective nature of the mobile drug testing method enables a large group to go through the testing process within a few minutes to pass a drug test. Thus, non-participation chances are totally eliminated.

  • Reduction in Liabilities

A vital benefit that an employer can attain from mobile drug testing is simply the reduction in his overall liability towards testing. The employer would not be required to take a drunk or non-conscious person to the drug testing centre in the company’s transportation under his liability. Mobile testing will make this test possible in the workplace. So, no more hazards and liabilities.

  • Flexibility

It gives flexibility to employers to test any employee anytime. If your workplace has a night shift as well then the mobile testing system will empower you to keep control of drug consumption at night times as well. So, second shift or night shift employees will have equally strict discipline rules because the mobile drug-testing system works 24/7.

Random Drug Testing

Random drug testing is a complete process of examination in which employees go through the technical process for detailed analysis of their biological specimens. At workplaces, random drug testing is very common. If you are living in America, then you must be familiar with this random drug testing. Due to the high drug consumption rate and violence cases, now American employers are very concerned about random drug testing.

Whenever they observe any employee as a suspicious person for drug abuse or discover it by the behavior or attention levels of an employee, they immediately advise a random drug test. Using the mobile testing method, management is now able to collect details of technical analysis conducted from the biological specimen of a person to determine whether the person was victimized by drug abuse or not.

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Pre-Employment Drug Testing

We know employers are concerned with the drug habits of workers and employers. Definitely, not a single workplace allows its employees to get involved in drug abuse and become the victim of an accident at the workplace. Such things are unaffordable for employers. But have you ever thought about how much it bothers employees?

People who have very minor control over their drug-taking habits cannot live a normal life. If they go for the interviews, it becomes really difficult for them to go without drugs. Taking drugs before the interview is like announcing your results at home. Of course, it’s a big “NO” if the candidate is confirmed for drug abuse. But what to do with the lust and desires? So, candidates with such bad habits try to cheat employers to pass a drug test.

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On the internet, you will find hundreds of simple tricks to cheat a drug-testing system. Some wise candidates even minimize their number of drugs while going for an interview. But in the end, do you think employers can be made a fool? Yes, in some cases. Sometimes, such tricks work if employers do not set up a formal pre-employment drug testing system.

Having a mobile drug testing system is a blessing for employers in this pre-employment drug testing. Who could ask all candidates to sit in the company’s transportation to visit a drug testing center before a job interview? Mobile testing has made it possible to test all candidates in the pre-employment phase without extra spending on drug testing.


American mobile drug testing makes it possible for employers to immediately collect random tests and declare counteractions for positive results. Drug abusers easily get involved in on-site accidents. Because of non-consciousness they sometimes fail to handle objects (like chemical boxes, material boxes, or breakable office assets). While furiously fighting with other colleagues is also a common incident for drug takers. In case of such accidents, employers are not liable to take responsibility for the damages. The main actor should take this responsibility for damages (financial and non-monetary). Therefore, in post-accident times, employers prefer to test these employees for drug abuses.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

If signs of impairment are observed at the workplace or employees have given evidence by themselves by their behavior, then a reasonable suspicion of drug testing is recommended. Sometimes, such impairment cannot be a reason for drug abuse or any substance abuse. But the medical conditions can also cause such impairment. In this situation, perceiving a person as a drug abuser or susceptible of substance abuse is not justifiable and fair behavior.

Medical conditions can be of serious nature. Thus, for workplace safety and discipline employers are supposed to ensure proper reasonable suspicion drug testing at the workplace. Mobile drug screening can be a useful and handy solution in this situation. Using it one can easily determine the main contributor to any incident. A medical condition or substance abuse? Usually, signs of substance abuse and some medical conditions are very similar. Let’s say you find someone facing difficulty staying awake at the workplace.

What would first come to your mind? You would say it’s because of the heavy consumption of drugs. But in reality, that person could be going through some serious medical condition. It can be unconscious because of extreme pain. So, if in this situation an incident or accident happens at the workplace. A fair decision is to ensure drug screening.

Drug-Free Workplace Program

Mobile drug testing services are an outcome and at the same time facilitator of the drug-free workplace program. A drug-free workplace program is an important program for the safety of a company’s assets. Here we have used a very inclusive definition of assets which includes human resources, material resources, and all other valuable objects within the property of a company. Drug-free workplace programs make the workplace safe for all employees and enable employers to control unnecessary damages and spoilage of the company’s resources because of drug takers. Using mobile testing systems, we can make it possible as we can create a fear of being caught easily. So, because of expected drug test employees would avoid such drug cheating. Does it not seem interesting to you?

DOT Drug Testing

Drugs have further classes. Detecting all these classes is possible by a recommended solution: a DOT drug test. Using mobile screening services, some employers have also arranged DOT drug testing at the workplace. If you are not one of them, do not worry you are maybe the next employer to bring it to the workplace. This drug testing has some special requirements for laboratory processes. Using laboratory procedure, DOT drug testing provides results for five main categories or classes of drugs which includes the following list:

  1. Amphetamines and Methamphetamines
  2. Cocaine
  3. Phencyclidine PCP
  4. Marijuana
  5. Opiates – opium and codeine derivatives

Background Checks

Other than just saliva drug tests, or random drug tests, sometimes a detailed background check with efficient American screenings results is also required for employees. A detailed background check can give us further information about the previous involvement of a person in drug addiction or substance abuse. Moreover, it also gives access to a company to obtain information about previously made damages or involvement in incidents at a previous workplace. Such information is useful to assess a candidate in the pre-employment phase.

Mobile drug testing companies in the USA

Mobile drug testing companies in the USA work as on site drug testing companies and free drug test clinic. If a company is interested to avail of on-site drug testing services then they can contact:

Company Name Location
Mobile Health Company New York, USA
Disa Company Houston USA
CJ Cooper Company Hiawatha, IA 52233 USA
Ostsus Company North America

However, if employers are looking for a cost-effective solution then free drug test clinics are recommended. In the USA we can easily find several free drug test clinics which are operating with the financial support of donors and government subsidiaries to reduce drug consumption in the country.


  • Does the USA have a mobile drug testing business like other developed countries?

Yes, in the USA you can have several kinds of drug testing organizations. These business organizations have special laboratories for drug testing. You will surely find USA companies equally efficient and trusted as companies of other developed countries.

  • What kind of drug test services are available in the USA?

In the USA, you can have mobile drug testing services. While you can also go for on-site drug testing if required.