Does Walmart Drug Test? Application Process Step By Step

Walmart is known as the most widespread big-box retailer with an international workforce of more than 2 million, including roughly one and a half million solely in the US, Walmart is currently the leading non-governmental recruiter across the globe. Walmart is committed to upholding workplace security, and it has a drug test policy in place to guard against the use of intoxicants and promote a narcotic and alcohol-free environment.

Drug testing for employment

Employers, schools, and other institutions use drug testing as a method of identifying drug users. To find out if a person is using drugs, a drug test is administered.

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Additionally, it acts as a protective mechanism regarding the distribution of drugs. Drug testing can be carried out by looking for specific compounds that are produced as a result of drug use and are present in the body’s metabolites. Urine, blood, hair, and saliva are a few of these compounds.

How Does Walmart’s Drug Testing Work?

Due to their simplicity and speed, urine drug tests are the most widely used tests. The company can receive the exam result in only one or two days. The company may reach out to the applicants to discuss the following screening steps after they have the test result.

A drug test is carried out to determine whether there are any illegal substances present and whether any prescription drugs are being abused. As PeaceHealth Labs states, the national statute does not forbid or restrict drug testing in a privatized workplace except if it infringes upon the right of employees or applicants to confidentiality, integrity, or repute.

The staff’s unwillingness to submit to a sample to the testing services provides justification for treating it as though they have failed the drug testing procedure. The company might use that as a rationale to reprimand the worker.

Walmart drug testing policy

A round of personal screening tests may help an individual be more at ease at the time of the drug testing conducted by the Walmart administration in case the person is hesitant about the testing procedure. It is favorable to use reliable home drug test kits for instant urine drug testing before appearing for drug tests at Walmart.

At Walmart, an instant urine drug test is the norm. The drug and alcohol testing range is greatly expanded by the longer half-lives of pharmaceutical compounds in urine. Performing a drug screen in this method is simple, and economical. According to national legislation, exclusively urine may be used for screening employees who are overly concerned about their physical health and security during testing procedures.

Does Walmart drug test entry-level positions?

Walmart requires drug tests for newly recruited individuals. However, this testing policy is only limited to a particular set of divisions at Walmart.

  • Employment in the deli section
  • Employment in the pharmaceutical division
  • Employment in the sports apparel division
  • Employment in the car centre division
  • Employment in a managerial post

Does Walmart drug test new employees in 2022?

Walmart no longer administers pre-employment drug testing for various entry-level employees apart from the ones mentioned above. The ones which are excluded from the drug testing policy are preliminary employment ranks such as cashiers, secret affairs officers and stocking officers). Walmart doesn’t appear to have conducted new entry-level hiring drug tests after 2016, as per the currently employed staff of Walmart.

What kind of drug test does Walmart use?

Walmart employs standardized urine testing as part of its pre-employment drug screen procedure. Particularly, the tests are used for examining the use of the following main drugs:

  1. PCP
  2. Cocaine
  3. Heroin
  4. Marijuana
  5. Methamphetamine

To identify substances and associated compounds, preliminary Elisa or immunoassay tests are run on the obtained urine sample. The specimen is evaluated utilizing mass spectrometry or gas chromatography tests in the event of unreliable positive results at a laboratory. Liquor and a variety of other substances, including phencyclidine, cocaine, opiates and amphetamines might be screened.

The second kind of test used by Walmart is the saliva test carried out by using saliva drug test kits found at Walmart. The saliva test can be used for accurate, rapid and instant testing. It can also be screened by sending the sample to test centers which can send the test results to the employee and the company through online means.

Does Walmart drug test you on the first interview?

After the interviews of the applicants, they may be required to take pre-appointment drug tests. Drug tests may be administered a day after the interviewing process. They are not conducted at the time of interviews.

Types of drug tests conducted at Walmart

    • Pre-Employment Testing
      Based upon the nature of employment applied for, the applicants might have to take the drug tests prior to the commencement of their appointment. Meanwhile, a few currently as well as formerly employed staff members at the company claim that the company only performed a small number of drug tests at the time of recruitment and appointment.Furthermore, Walmart employments that require a greater skill set and qualification for operating large machinery, including the ones in the meat supply section, where the use of knives is involved, the pharmaceutical department, vehicles department, as well as the ammunition department, are the most susceptible ones to require drug testing before hiring.
    • Random Testing
      Random screening testing is periodically administered to Walmart employees. The purpose is to guarantee that every employee can work safely. Walmart’s random drug test is frequently administered following the regional executive’s judgment and usually takes place in a randomized fashion. Staff is not informed prior to the testing procedure when conducting randomized testing.
    • Reasonable Suspicion Testing
      In case the management or administration believes that an employee is using any substance at work, it might order the organization for an instant drug test to be administered to the employees. In case the conduct of the employee suggests that he might be intoxicated, Walmart has the authority to conduct instant drug testing the moment the management assumes any employee to be using drugs.
    • Post-Accident Testing
      Despite an employee not having any active contact with an incident involving drug or alcohol use, he/she will be required to have a drug test administered and submit the report to the company in case the employee is found in proximity to a workplace accident. The rationale of this drug testing action is the determination of causes behind the workplace incidents and in order to ensure that the working environment is secure for every employee.

How to pass the Walmart drug test?

In order to pass a drug test at Walmart during recruitment, the first step, as mentioned above is to use home test kits for instant saliva or urine testing. This may help one become more confident during the actual drug screening at Walmart. The second method is to use detox pills for the drug test which are also available at Walmart. These detox pills come in the form of kits which can be swallowed or drunk. The function of these kits is to detoxify the body against all kinds of substances. One of the extremely commonly online selling kits is for the detoxification of marijuana from the body.

Some individuals may use detox pills to pass the Walmart drug test. These pills can detoxify the body for varying hours or days. Some may claim to detoxify the body for a week. However, this technique for avoiding the drug screening procedure may or may not be helpful in the long run. As Walmart has the policy of conducting random drug testing on the employees who are susceptible to using any form of substance or alcohol, the individuals may be found abusing drugs later during their employment even if they pass the preliminary screening procedure.