Life Network Engineering Technologies, Inc.

Life Network Engineering Technologies, Inc.

LifeNET Making a World of Difference for Families

Press Release to Investors

April 17, 2000

Ithaca, NY


NBC has announced “Dateline” will be airing a major documentary on Child Abuse that will tap LifeNET’s Internet prowess as a key Internet resource.

Dateline will show how failures in the child protection system can lead to the death of children and raise questions on the effectiveness of criminal justice in our society.

The NBC program, to air April 17, at 8:00pm ET, has picked LifeNET’s Child Abuse Prevention Network as a key site so people will be able to respond to the concerns raised by the documentary. LifeNET anticipates 1,000 connections a minute following the broadcast.

LifeNET CEO Herbert O. Truesdale said “The NBC broadcast is another great motivation for investors — our Internet products and services have been valued by professionals for years, and now they are being recognized by the mass media.”

LifeNET’s uniqueness in this event is that it is the only for-profit Internet resource on child abuse issues selected for the NBC webpage.

“The case that is being aired on NBC is unfortunate, and in some ways, unavoidable in the present climate,” said Truesdale, “But LifeNET has become a major nerve center to deal with these issues, and make that climate change,” he said. “We provide the place where the professionals can come to help prevent these problems from happening in the first place,” Truesdale continued.

“As a front-line provider of Internet information technology to the Medical and Human Services industry, LifeNET is now getting the mass media exposure that will propel us to rapid success,” he concluded.



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