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Childwatch International

Centre for the Study of the Child and Society,
United Kingdom

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Centre for the Study of the Child and Society

University of Glasgow
G12 8RT
United Kingdom

Tel: +44-141-339-8855, ext.4591
Fax: +44-141-307-8035
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Stewart Asquith
E-mail: [email protected]

Malcolm Hill
E-mail: [email protected]


– The need to see children and childhood in a family and social context
Thematic areas:
– Children’s rights
– Children’s well-being
– Children and crime
– Child welfare and protection
Current research and related projects:
– Development of a European Information Centre on Childhood with the Council
of Europe and UNICEF
– Development of a Research Programme on Children and Armed Conflict with
the Scottish Centre for War Studies
– Children and alcohol
– Children and mental health
– Children and foster care
– Children and crime in Scotland
– Children and domestic violence
– Review of juvenile justice in central and eastern Europe
– Girls and violence
– Children’s rights and models of participation
The centre offers courses in:
– Residential child care
– Therapeutic studies of children and young people

– 15 staff on varying degrees and types of contract

– Centre for the Study of the Child and Society is an interdisciplinary
centre with “the child” and “childhood” as key organizing
concepts. For that reason, the staff come from a number of different disciplines

– social work
– social policy
– law
– philosophy
– history
– psychiatry
– sociology

– Children in Scotland
– Children 1st
– Barnardo’s
– Save the Children Fund
– The Scottish Office
– British Universities
– NCH Action for Children Scotland
– Family Care

– Erasmus/Socrates programme, Council of Europe
– Directorate of Legal Affairs
– Directorate of Social and
Economic Affairs
– Boston College Law School
– Centre National de Recherche
Scientifique, France
– Various European universities
– Various North American

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