Child Abuse Prevention Month - April 2002
The Army Prevents Child Abuse!

  Your 2002 Resources for Child Abuse Prevention Month! Review the links on this page for various resources, and background information. To download the 2002 Installation Commander's Proclamation for local approval, Click here. Make child abuse prevention a priority all year long!

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OTHER USEFUL RESOURCES! Please feel free to browse and use the other resources on this page! You can tap the SBS Prevention resources, other official background information, and also the Prevent Child Abuse America resource packet -- JUST SCROLL DOWN!


This is the official poster for 2002
(First made available March 21, 2002.)

 Online! The Child Abuse Manual

Links to Military Family Sites! Good sources of good information! Open to the Public!

The Army SBS Prevention Campaign

Child Abuse Prevention Month in the Army 2000. Click Here

  Get the recent packets from Prevent Child Abuse America! Many ready-to-use resources. A new window will open! When you want to return to this page, just close the new window.

About the Strong Families, Strong Soldiers program and this page
 SBS Central
 Planning the SBS Prevention Campaign (frames version)
 Planning the SBS Prevention Campaign (simple version)
 Preventing SBS Slide Show
 SBS: Train Your Babysitter Well


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Strong Families, Strong Soldiers presents World Wide Web resources in support of the U.S. Army Family Advocacy Program. Developed under a cooperative agreement between the U.S. Department of the Army, and the
U.S.D.A. Extension Service, the Strong Families, Strong Soldiers program is administered by Cornell University's
Family Life Development Center in the College of
Human Ecology, in partnership with
Cornell Cooperative Extension.

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The Child Abuse Prevention Network

This material was developed for the U. S. Army Community and Family Support Center, Family Advocacy Program by staff of the Family Life Development Center in cooperation with Cornell Cooperative Extension, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. The material is based upon work supported by the Extension Service, U. S. Department of Agriculture, under special project number 97-EXCA-3-0221.


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