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Keeping Connected: Here are some information resources and prevention
marketing tools developed especially for use at U.S. Army installations.
And here is where you can share some of the resources you have developed
with other Family Advocacy staff and managers around the world.

Promotion Tips – In FAP prevention activities,
promotion is a key ingredient. Now you can brush up your skills with our
online Tips! And you can send us your ideas for inclusion!
Prevention Marketing: The Radio Campaign!
Send Us Your Successes
World Wide Web Prevention Resources

Share Your Success

Let us know what you have to share! One important part of the Keeping
effort is to gather and disseminate successes from Family
Advocacy Program managers at installations around the world. Review your
efforts and see if you have some successes you want to share in the following

Command Briefings
Troop Briefings
Team efforts with NCO’s
Promotions of prevention programs
Child Abuse Prevention Month activities
Domestic Violence Prevention Month activities
Special marketing tips and techniques
Ongoing public awareness campaigns
Using Focus Groups
Local needs assessment efforts

And if you have used any of the prevention campaign materials starting here, let us know, and send us samples of how you localized them
for success.

Give us feedback with a brief description
of your effort, and attach materials from your computer files. We’ll review
what we get and post what we can as a way of Keeping Connected. (you can
FAX materials to us at 1-607-254-6447)

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