SBS Central

SBS Central

The Child Abuse Prevention Network is proud to present
this in-depth resource on an especially difficult area in the field of child
abuse — Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Portrait of Promise Produced by: The Junior League of St. Paul, Inc., Midwest Children’s Resource Center
Phone (651) 220-6750, 651-220-6703
Portrait of Promise is used in the landmark hospital-based SBS education program for new parents, started by Mark Dias, MD, in Western New York, and since adopted in many locations. Here’s a PDF file from the Twin Cities View it Now! The SBS Video from Epilepsy Association of Central Florida. You will need Mediaplayer to view it. Click
if you don’t have the required Media player.

The field has held several national conferences on the
topic, attended by pediatricians, prosecutors, judges, forensic specialists,
prevention specialists, public awareness professionals, community educators,
parents of shaken babies, and surviving children. At the 1998 Shaken Baby Conference in Salt Lake
City, our network formed a partnership with two other organizations — the Shaken Baby Alliance and the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome — to create an Internet resource that could be helpful to help anyone concerned with Shaken Baby Syndrome. We are proud to offer this site, and look forward to your feedback and involvement.

National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome – A
Utah-based center and sponsor of the National SBS Conferences, and home of the National Information, Support and Referral Service on Shaken Baby Syndrome

The Shaken Baby Alliance is an advocacy web site for SBS children and their families working alongside friends and professionals in a community effort.

Family Advocacy Online – Resources we created for the U.S. Army on SBS Prevention

From our special e-mail list: The Physician’s
Forensic Response

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