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Advocacy and Policy

Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

Child Health

Children and Cities

Children and War

Children’s Rights

Early Childhood

Homeless Children and Street Kids

Youth and Adolescents

Journals with Relevance to Children

Internet Resources for Children

  • Advocacy and Policy

  • Childnet – set
    up to
    promote and protect the interests of children in international
    (United Kingdom)

  • Children
    – a US policy and advocacy organisation for children. The site
    information about children’s issues and links to other online
    resources on children’s issues (United States)

  • Child Welfare:
    Gateway to Resources

    produced by the Child Welfare Research Institute in Los Angeles the site
    provides links to a
    wide collection of child welfare resources and publications including
    the online journal Child Welfare Review
    (United States)

  • Fundacion
    – a nongovernment organization working to
    prevent violence against children offering training, information and
    programs (San Jose, Costa Rica)

  • I am Your Child Campaign
    a campaign
    focusing on the importance of a child’s first three years of life,
    designed to promote
    family involvement in young children’s healthy development and school
    readiness, to mobilize
    communities to act on behalf of young children and their families, and
    to build the capacity
    of early childhood organizations to help families nurture their
    children. (United

  • Kids Help
    – a national telephone counselling service for young people
    aged 5 to
    18 years set up to provide support and advocacy. The site provides
    statistics of
    calls received by subject, a collection of infosheets on topics such as,
    HIV/Aids, Domestic violence, Bullying, Drugs, Grief, Homelessness,
    and sexual Abuse, Self Image, Family relationships, Sexuality, Suicide,
    and other
    publications. A lead article in the
    April Newsletter ‘In the best interests of children’
    reviews Australia’s position in relation to the UN Convention on the
    Rights of the
    Child and provides an update on the establishment of independent
    representatives of
    children’s interests in policy making. (Australia)

  • Il Telefono Azzurro – an
    promoting children’s rights at every level, locally and internationally,
    providing a telephone help line for ill-treated and neglected children
    involvement in larger social projects and research for children.
    Information is
    in Italian. (Italy)

Child Abuse and Neglect

Child Health

  • The ABCs of Safe and
    Healthy Childcare: an
    On-line Handbook for Child Care Providers
    – produced by the US
    Public Health Service, Centers
    for Disease Control and Prevention, the manual provides a comprehensive
    overview of policies,
    practices and facilities required for children in child care and a
    series of fact sheets
    on childhood diseases and conditions (United States)

  • American Academy of
    Child and
    Adolescent Psychiatry’s Facts for Families
    – provides 46 fact sheets
    French, Spanish and English on topics such as the adopted child,
    children and
    AIDS, helping children after a disaster, children of parents with a
    illness (United States)

  • Australian Institute of Health and

    a national agency for health and statistics information, the site
    includes full text
    of two comprehensive national reports on the state of children’s health
    and welfare
    and government services and policies (Australia)

  • Global
    – a
    Canadian based organisation offering a range of child health related
    services including an online copy of the journal Global Child
    Health News and Review,
    bibliographical and organizations databases
    , transcripts from the
    Child Health 2000 Congress, and links to global information resources
    relating to the welfare of children

Children and Cities

  • Habitat II: United Nations
    Conference on Human Settlements,
    Istanbul, Turkey 1996
    – a major UN conference on sustainable human
    development which declared
    the rights and well-being of children should be seen as the ultimate
    indicator of a healthy
    society and good governance. The site contains a wealth of documentation
    from the conference including
    conference papers, the Istanbul Declaration, and the Habitat Agenda.

  • Cities
    and Children
    – designed for
    children from the Unicef Voices of Youth Project, presents information
    and encourages children to contribute

  • Child
    Research Net – International
    Comparative Surveys
    – the research results from a collection of
    international studies on
    children in urban societies. (Japan)

  • Growing up in
    – an international research project
    understand better the ways in which children perceive and use the urban
    environment – both across time and across
    cultures. First conducted twenty years ago the current project is
    revisiting the original sites in Melbourne,
    Australia; Warsaw, Poland; Salta, Argentina; and Mexico City and
    including new sites in Buenos Aires,
    Argentina; Bangalore, India; Johannesburg, South Africa; Oakland, USA
    and Trondheim, Norway.

Children and War

  • Impact of Armed Conflict on

    – a report from Unicef, the
    result of a two-year process of research and consultation undertaken
    by Graca Machel, the Secretary-General’s Expert on the subject and a
    former Minister for Education in Mozambique. The site provides key
    findings and recommendations from
    the report revealing the full extent of children’s involvement in the 30
    or so armed conflicts
    around the world

  • Children of War – a
    newsletter from Save the Children on child soldiers available on-line
    or in print

  • Children and War
    – key documents from
    the International Red Cross including current fact sheets of conflict
    areas throughout the

  • Children
    and War
    – a guide to
    key reports and news articles (full text) from Unesco and other NGOs
    from the non-commercial publisher
    OneWorld Online

Children’s Rights

  • Child
    Rights Floor in Children’s House
    – a collection of
    resources and links including the UN Convention on the Rights of the
    Child and countries that have ratified it,
    documents on exploitation and mistreatment of children and other human

  • Childwatch
    Database on Research and Documentation
    – a database of European
    Research Institutions that have information on issues related to the
    articles in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (Norway)

  • Lawstuff – information for
    young people under 18 years about their legal rights. (Australia)

  • Human
    Rights and Equal Opportunity Report – Bringing them Home
    – Community
    to the findings and recommendations of the National Inquiry into
    the separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from
    families (Australia)

  • Save the Children Fund – an
    organisation working for children’s rights. The web page offers press
    information on current issues and news about publications (United

Early Childhood

  • ACWA Online – news,
    professional courses and events databases, and
    links to related sites, from the Australian Association of Childrens’
    Welfare Agencies

  • Early
    Childhood Floor in Children’s House
    – includes
    documents on early childhood care and development, related resources and

  • Consultative Group on Early
    Childhood, Care and Development
    – an international resource in
    support of
    children 0-8 years and their families (United States)

  • ERIC Clearinghouse on
    Elementary and Early Childhood Education
    – information on the
    education, and care of children from birth to early adolescence (United

  • The Perpetual

    a resource website for early childhood educators, including curriculum
    ideas and
    a resource list of www sites. (United States)

    Early Childhood Learning Kit
    – developed by the
    Department of Health and Human Services, the Corporation for National
    Service, and the Department of Education to advance President Clinton’s
    challenge to help every child in America read independently and well by
    end of third grade. The READY*SET*READ Activity Guides for Families
    and Caregivers,
    provide ideas to help young children learn about language with
    activities. (United States)

  • Unesco
    Indicators on Young Children
    – provides statistics for countries in
    following regions: Africa, Arab States, Asia, Carribean, Europe, Latin
    America, North America, Oceania, including number of
    children under 5, child mortality rates, adult literacy rates, fertility
    access to health services, preprimary education

Homeless Children and Street Kids

  • European
    on Street Children Worldwide (ENSCW)
    – a network uniting European
    that address the rights and needs of street children in (Eastern)
    Europe and Developing Countries (Belgium)

  • Street Kid-L Resource
    – a
    collection of information and resource links to missions, agencies,
    foundations and books, journals and videos. Also provides information
    about the
    StreetKid-L Discussion List (United States)

  • Casa Alianza – Covenant
    Latin America
    – an independent, nonprofit organisation dedicated to
    rehabilitation and defense of street children in Guatemala, Honduras,
    and Mexico

    SOS Children’s

    a non-government and non-denominational organisation set up to assist
    orphaned and abandoned children regardless of their ethnic roots,
    nationality and religion, by giving them a family, a permanent home and
    a sound basis for an independent life

Youth and Adolescents

Journals with Relevance to

(* site contents in brackets)

  • Child
    and Neglect
    – official publication of the International Society for
    Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (information for authors, ordering

  • Child
    and Youth Care
    – journal for those who work with troubled children
    and youth at risk
    published by the national Association of Child Care Workers, South
    (full text of articles and columns)

  • Child
    (contents of recent issues, subscription details)

  • Child
    Abstracts and Bibliography Online Edition
    (current and back issues
    abstracts to search or browse)

  • Child Maltreatment
    the Journal
    of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (contents
    of past,
    present and future edition, ordering details)

  • Child
    – a
    journal on normal and abnormal development in childhood and adolescence
    (abstracts for current issue, information for authors, ordering details)

  • Child Welfare
    – an electronic journal
    which contains both links to articles related to child welfare and
    original articles.
    More than one hundred articles are organized into six categories: child
    abuse, foster care and adoption,
    welfare reform and children, child poverty and inequality, child
    advocacy, and values and children.

  • Childhood
    – global journal of child research (fax order form)

  • Family

    journal of the Australian Institute of Family Studies (contents and
    abstracts of
    recent issues, ordering details)

  • Future of Children
    and full text downloadable as Acrobat files, ordering details for free

  • Journal
    of Child
    (contents of recent issues, ordering details)

  • Journal of Clinical Child
    a journal of the American Psychological Association

  • Journal of
    Child Psychology
    (description and ordering details)

  • Journal of
    Paediatrics and Child Health
    – the official journal of the
    Australian College
    of Paediatrics (ordering information)

Internet Resources for Children

  • Africa
    Online – Kids Only

    a special group of Web pages for children to learn about African
    countries from the informative Africa
    Online service, menu includes Learn about Africa; Global classroom; Key
    pals; African schools,
    a magazine, games and activities.

  • Canadian Kids Page – a
    jumping off
    point for students and teachers, parents and children to
    over 300 kid-safe, non-commercial sites that are fun, interesting or
    for children.

  • The
    – From the Vicolo Osservatorio in Padova, Italy, – links to
    sites – volcanoes, frogs, astronomy, skateboards, Italian cars, soccer

  • Children’s
    Sites by Berit Cochrane
    – selected and ranked fun and educational
    sites for kids, many by kids, for kids

  • KID List
    – an
    alphabetical list of sites for children and their parents, includes a


    a roadmap to the Internet especially for middle school kids and

  • K.I.D.S

    Kids Identifying and Discovering Sites Report is a publication about
    useful Web sites
    produced by K-12 students. Students select and annotate all resources in
    issue. The publication is supported by the InterNIC Net Scout project.

  • Kids Web – A
    World Wide
    Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
    – links to Web servers all over
    the world
    on the arts, sciences, social sciences, games and sports

  • Kids Web

    managed by the Japan Center for Intercultural Communications and
    designed to
    introduce Japan to school children aged 10 to 14 in other countries.
    The site
    provides information on daily life; schools; traditional culture;
    sports; regions of Japan;
    nature and climate; protecting the environment; history; politics and
    the constitution;
    economy and industry; international relations, with many photographs.

  • Launchsite
    activities and projects for children linking countries together around
    the world –
    short descriptions of all projects in German, French, Spanish and
    English –
    longer descriptions and other information in English only.

  • The Kids on the

    Brendan Kehoe’s list of sites for and about kids, funstuff and
    educational sites

  • United Nations

    resources and discussion for teachers and students based on the rich
    resources of the UN.
    Curriculum resources on health and cities, short term projects and
    acitivities for the classroom,
    global trends, data and photographs of many different countries, and an
    oline introduction to
    the UN.

  • Voices of

    a Unicef site set up to provide information on a number of topics for
    children and to give
    them an opportunity to have their say and to read what others have to
    say. Topics are:
    The girl child; Cities and urbanization; Children’s rights; Children
    and war.

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