Domestic Violence Prevention Month in the Army
Creating the Campaign:

Draft date: 6/26/2003; Design Revision Date: 7/7/2003; Cornell Release Date: 7/9/2003; Sent for Army Review: 7/10/2003; Army Call for Revisions:  7/14/2003; Revisions Submitted to Army: 7/17/2003

The focus of this year's campaign is on supporting the concept of "a culture change" as outlined in the task force report. Part of culture change derives from changing attitudes and changing behaviors. In domestic violence, such changes save lives.

There are four posters, each with a different image of men and women in the Army family.  The slogans offer options that match our theme. Click Here or on the image of your choice below in order to review all the options.  Let us know your comments!

Domestic Violence Prevention:
Make the Changes that Save Lives.

Mutual Respect:
prevention begins with mutual respect. And mutual respect requires an acceptance of responsibility.

As mutual respect grows, trust takes root.

This year's campaign provides a mini-series of four posters, each with a slogan that helps focus on the key ingredients in changing behaviors and attitudes about domestic violence. Our design is to encourage that these messages -- individually and in combination -- be displayed throughout the community.


Click on any picture to begin previewing the 4 posters. mature couple army couple officer and wife young adults