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Childwatch International

Children’s Issues Centre, New Zealand

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Children’s Issues Centre

University of Otago
117 Albany Street
Box 56
New Zealand

Tel: +64 3-479 5038
Fax: +64 3-479 5039
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site:

Anne B. Smith

– Childhood transitions
– The nature of quality environments for children and families (child care)
– Incorporating children’s perspectives
– Effective prevention
– Children’s perspectives on their court-appointed lawyers
Current ongoing projects:
– Access arrangements following separation or divorce
– Evaluation of the Targeted Individual Entitlement Scheme: support for
low-income children to attend private schools
– An ethnographic study of children’s transition from kindergarten to school
– Children in state care
Anne B. Smith, Director:
– Developmental psychology
– Early childhood education
Nicola Taylor, Project and Research Manager:
– Social work
– Child health
– Family law
Michael Gaffney, Project Manager:
– Educational policy
– Information technology
– Social research methods
Megan Gollop, Project Officer:
– Counselling
– Interviewing children
Rachael Brinsdon, Secretary
– Office of the Children’s Commissioner, Wellington
– Early Childhood Development Unit, nationally
– Publications URL:

Last updated: 1 July 1999

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