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Childwatch International

Family Life Development Center, United

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Family Life Development Center

Cornell University
MVR Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-4401

Tel: +1-607 255 7794
Fax: +1-607 255 8562
E-mail: [email protected]

Web site:

James Garbarino

John Eckenrode

– Developmental issues in violence and trauma
– Evaluation of the impact of a violence prevention workbook: Let’s talk
about living in a world without violence

– Longitudinal consequences of a home health visit programme for adolescent
– Secondary analysis of child maltreatment data
– Information technology needs and capabilities of professionals working
in child protection
– Crisis prevention and management in residential care facilities dealing
with troubled and vulnerable children and adolescents
– Evaluation of the family support programmes at U.S. Army bases
– Making sense of senseless youth violence
James Garbarino
and John Eckenrode
Extension associates:
Frank Barry
Marney Thomas
Michael Nunno
Martha Holden
Tom Hanna
Research associates:
Jane Powers
Kerry Bolger
Brian Leidy
Claire Bedard

Last updated: 25 August 1999

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