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Canadian Institute of Child Health (CICH)

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Ottawa, Ontario K2C3N2

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Dawn Walker
Executive Director

Monitoring of children’s health:
– Ongoing research into the health status of Canadian children and youth
(birth to 19 years)
– Data published in The Health of Canada’s children: a CICH profile
– Data collection on the health of children in industrialized countries
for the UNICEF Progress of Nations Report.
Healthy pregnancy and childbirth:
– Results of ongoing research include the following publications: National
breastfeeding guidelines for health care providers/ Family-centred maternity
newborn care guidelines/ Survey of routine maternity care and practices
in Canadian hospitals
and programs, such as: Postpartum Parent Support
Healthy child development:
– Early Childhood Initiative
– Research into the health status of young girls
– Impact of gender on health development
– Research into intergenerational issues
– National parenting program: Nobody’s Perfect
– Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
Safe environments:
– Research into the effects of environmental
contaminants on the health of children
– Ongoing activities on injury prevention
Voice for children:
– Results of research and children’s issues promoted through media, position
papers, speaking engagements, quarterly newsletter and other publications
– Health care
– Health promotion and prevention
– Epidemiology
– Public health administration
– Policy development
– Programme development and management
– Perinatal care
– Social welfare
– Injury prevention
– Child care
– Family studies
– Human ecology
– Prevention of disabilities
– Prevention of low birthweight
– Communications
– Marketing
– Publishing
– Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability
– Breastfeeding Expert Committee
– Campaign 2000 (end child poverty)
– Canadian Child Abuse Network
– Canadian Children’s Safety Network
– Canadian Coalition on Environmental Tobacco Smoke Reduction
– Canadian Coalition for Quality Daily Physical Education
– Canadian Coalition on the Rights of the Child
– Canadian Perinatal Regionalization System Group
– Measuring and Monitoring the State of Children- Beyond Survival
– National Longitudinal Survey of Children Expert Advisory Group
– National Social Reporting on Canada’s Children
– Support for families, Learning Disabilities Association of Canada
– WHO: International Classification of Impairments
– Contact with cross-disciplinary experts related to child health promotion
and prevention of illness and injury

Last updated: 7 July 1998