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University of Santa Ursula Center for Research
on Childhood, Brazil

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University of Santa Ursula Center for Research on Childhood (CESPI)

Universidade Santa Ursula
Rua Fernando Ferrari, 75
Sala 208 – P.VI
Cep 22231-040-Botafogo
Rio de Janeiro RJ

Tel: +55 21 551 5542 ext. 181
Fax: +55 21 551 6446
E-mail: [email protected]

Web site:

Irene Rizzini

Bibliographic databases:
– Historical information on children in Brazil
– Child labour (Brazil)
– Street children (Latin America)
– Directory of organizations producing information on children
– The situation of the girl child and adolescent (Brazil)

Ongoing research:
– Children and poverty in Brazil
– Youth in conflict with the law
– Working children and adolescents in Brazil
– Linking research and social action: a manual for training NGO child educators
– Children out of place – historical perspectives
– From street children to all children
– Children in the history of Brazil (500 years)

Courses on research at the University of Santa Ursula Department of Psychology
– courses on children’s rights
– trainee programmes for students at CESPI

Children’s Documentation Center
-Research and bibliographic orientation to users interested in children’s

– Psychology (4)
– Sociology (1)
– History (2)
– Social work (2)
– Education (2)
– Biblioteconomy (4)

– National networks
– Databank of professionals
working with children
– Databank of research centres on children/youth
– Bibliographical databases on the history of children in Brazil
– Inter-American Children’s Institute, Uruguay


Last updated: 24 June 1999

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