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I: General principles

definition of the child (Article 1)

non-discrimination (Article 2)

best interests of the child, principle of the (Article 3)

life, survival and development (Article 6)

views of the child (Article 12)

II: Civil Rights and freedoms

name and nationality (Article 7)

preservation of identity (Article 8)

freedom of expression, the right to (Article 13)

information, access to (Article 17)

freedom of thought, conscience and religion (Article 14)

freedom of association and of peaceful assembly (Article 15)

privacy (Article 16)

torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (Article 37 a)

III: Family environment and alternative care

parental guidance and the child’s evolving capacities (Article 5)

parental responsibilities (Article 18, �1-2)

separation from parent(s) (Article 9)

family reunification (Article 10)

recovery of maintenance for the child (Article 27, �4)

children deprived of their family environment (Article 20)

adoption (Article 21)

illicit transfer and non-return of children abroad, the right to protection from (Article 11)

abuse and neglect (Article 19)

periodic review of placement (Article 25)

IV: Basic health and welfare

life, survival and development (Article 6, �2)

disabled children (Article 23)

health and health care services (Article 24)

social security and child care services (Articles 26, 18, �2)

standard of living (Article 27, �1-3)

V: Education, leisure and cultural activities

education (Article 28)

aims of education, the obligation to ensure (Article 29)

leisure, recreation and cultural activities (Article 31)

VI: Special protection measures

Children in emergency sitations

refugee children (Article 22)

children in armed conflicts (Article 38)

Children in conflict with the law

administration of juvenile justice (Article 40)

children deprived of their liberty (including any form of detention, imprisonment or placement in custodial settings) (Article 37 b,c,d)

sentencing of juveniles (in particular the prohibition of capital punishment and life imprisonment) (Article 37a)

recovery and social reintegration (Article 39)

Children in sitations of exploitation

economic exploitation (including child labour) (Article 32)

drug abuse (Article 33)

sexual exploitation and sexual abuse (Article 34)

other forms of exploitation (Article 36)

sale, trafficking and abduction (Article 35)

Minority or indigenous children

children belonging to a minority or indigenous group (Article 30)

VII: Other sujects

monitoring children’s rights (Articles 43,44,45)

legislation on children (Article 4)

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