DCI – Protection of Juveniles 9

Defence for Children International

UN Rules for

Protection of Juveniles


The design of detention facilities and of the general physical

environment should be in keeping with the rehabilitative aim of residential

treatment and with the juveniles right to privacy, sensory stimuli, and

leisure-time activities. Consequently all facilities should meet the

requirements of human health and dignity.

Food should be suitably prepared and sufficient to satisfy the standards

of hygiene and health and as far as possible the religious and cultural

requirements of the juveniles. Clean drinking water must also be available at

any time. Every juvenile should be provided with clean bedding and sufficient

sanitary installations in accordance with local and national standards.

Similarly, clothing must be suitable for the climate and must not be degrading

or humiliating.

One specific aspect of the juvenile’s right to privacy is that they are

entitled to retain their own personal effects.

Education, Vocational

Training and work