DCI – Protection of Juveniles 10

Defence for Children International

UN Rules for Protection of



The purpose of education is to prepare the juvenile for release;

consequently, the provision of education must avoid the risk of stigmatisation.

As far as possible the education of juveniles deprived of their liberty should

take place in the community outside of the detention facility in programmes

integrated with the education system of the country. When awarding educational

certificates they should not indicate in any way that the juveniles have been

deprived of their liberty. Juveniles are also entitled to receive vocational

training to prepare them for suitable employment. When undertaking any work

juveniles are entitled to choose the type of work they wish to do. Wherever

possible juveniles should have the opportunity to work within the local


In both training and work the relevant national and international child

labour standards are applicable. When deprived of their liberty juveniles do not

forgo the right to fair remuneration for their work. At no time should the

interests of juveniles be subordinated for the purpose of making a profit for

the facility or for a third party.