DCI – Protection of Juveniles 2

Defence for Children International

UN Rules for Protection

of Juveniles


Who is a juvenile?

The Rules apply to all juveniles. A juvenile is any person under the age

of 18.

What is a

deprivation of liberty?

A deprivation of liberty is any form of detention or imprisonment or the

placement of a person in a public or private custodial setting from which a

person under the age of 18 is not permitted to leave at will, by order of any

judicial, administrative or other public authority. Hence the Rules apply to

juveniles deprived of their liberty as a result of the penal law and also to

those under 18 deprived of liberty in health and welfare placements.

What is the

purpose of the Rules?

The Rules are intended to counteract the detrimental effects of

deprivation of liberty by ensuring respect for the human rights of juveniles.

They serve as an internationally accepted framework within which states can

regulate the deprivation of liberty of all those under 18.

Fundamental Principles

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