DCI – Protection of Juveniles 19

Defence for Children International

UN Rules for Protection

of Juveniles


The Rules place much emphasis on the training and skills of the

personnel as the proper management of the facilities depends upon their

integrity, humanity and professional ability. Adequate remuneration should be

provided to attract personnel capable of providing juveniles with positive role

models and perspective.

All personnel should conduct themselves at all times in such a way as to

gain the respect of the juveniles. They should also seek to minimise the

differences between life inside and outside the facility. To be effective the

personnel should receive training in child psychology, child welfare, human

rights and the rights of the child.

Personnel are prohibited from inflicting torture, cruel, inhuman and

degrading treatment and also harsh treatment and punishment. The personnel

should respect the juvenile’s right to privacy and should protect juveniles from

any form of abuse or exploitation.

Using the Rules

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