DCI – Protection of Juveniles 13

Defence for Children International

UN Rules for Protection of



Upon arrival juveniles are entitled to medical examinations to record

evidence of prior ill-treatment and to identify any physical or mental condition

requiring medical attention. Throughout their period of deprivation of liberty

all juveniles are entitled to adequate preventive and remedial medical care. The

best method is to provide medical care through community health facilities and

services in order to prevent stigmatisation.

Medicines should only be administered for necessary treatment on medical

grounds and when possible after the informed consent of the juvenile. The

administering of medicines to elicit information or confessions or as a

punishment or means of restraint is prohibited in all facilities. The

experimental use of drugs and treatment is also forbidden.

Juvenile facilities should adopt specialised drug abuse prevention and

rehabilitation programmes. Juveniles who are mentally ill should be treated in

independent specialist institutions.

Notification of

Illness , Injury and Death