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Suzanne Aceti Administrative Assistant 255-7794
Andres Arroyo National Data Archive Project Administrative Assistant, NDACAN 255-7799
Frank Barry Project Director, Healthy Communities; Senior Extension Associate 255-7456
Claire Bedard Kids Who Kill Project; Research Support Specialist 255-7796
Kristen Carlison Administrative Assistant 255-5440
Michele Cowen Program Assistant, CPSTI 255-9883
John Doris Infant Toxicology Project Director; Professor Emeritus 255-9859
John Eckenrode Co-Director; Associate Professor 255-0834
Cindy Enroth Strong Families, Strong Soldiers Project; Extension Associate 546-2469
Dorothy Forbes Army and Marine Corps Projects; CPSTI; Extension Associate 254-5450
James Garbarino Co-Director 255-4704
Tom Hanna Army/Marines Information Technology Specialist; Extension Support Specialist 255-3888, 275-9360
Anne Heberger Acquisition Manager, the National Data Archive (NDACAN) 254-4677
Martha Holden Residential Child Care Project Director; Extension Associate 254-5337
Melissa Jacobs Administrative Assistant 255-0508
Marsha Kleine Administrative Assistant 254-5330
Brian Leidy Evaluation Research Director; Senior Research Associate 254-5114 / 717-724-4545
Brandy Lobell 255-9149
Kristie Lockwood Administrative Assistant 254-5124
Bill Loftus Assistant Director 255-7607
Marylu McPheron CPS Training Institute Director; Extension Associate 254-5125
Michael Nunno Principal Investigator, Training Programs; Senior Extension Associate 254-5127
Dorothy Parkin Administrative Support Specialist 255-2453
Eugene Saville Training Coordinator, TCI 254-5210
Judy Scott Senior Trainer; Extension Associate 254-5209
Sarah Simpkins National Data Archive Program Analyst 255-8104
Marney Thomas Principal Investigator, Army and Marine Corps Programs; Senior Research Associate 254-5241
Greg Wise Extension Associate 254-5240

Updated 10/10/98

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