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We are the New York State chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America,
the premier national organization for child abuse prevention.

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OUR MISSION: To Prevent child
abuse in all its forms.

To do this we are committed to:
Increasing public awareness
of the problem and the commitment to solve it, fostering a statewide
network committed to child abuse prevention, serving as a resource
for individuals, families and organizations, advocating for expanded
and improved activities to prevent child abuse.

OUR VISION: That All children will live in families
that love, nurture and protect them.

OUR VALUES: All children have the right to have their
basic needs met. Prevention is the best way to keep children from
harm. Child abuse prevention means strengthening families. Prevention
is a responsibility of the community.

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Child abuse inhibits a child’s normal growth and development,
is costly to society, and contributes significantly to social
problems. Children who are victims of abuse tend to suffer from
a range of problems, including emotional disorders, substance
abuse, juvenile and adult crime, and greater difficulty parenting
the next generation. The consequences affect us all.

In New York State there are now
7.8 confirmed abused or maltreated children per 1,000 children
in the state. The numbers have grown and reinforce our need to
focus on our mission “to prevent child abuse in all its forms.”
..more statistics

Increasing stresses on children and their caretakers, as well
as a variety of other factors, have increased the potential for
child maltreatment:

In The Family

  • Changing family configurations  
  • High levels of family violence  
  • Increase in rejected and violent children  
  • High levels of substance abuse  
  • Challenges in learning and practicing positive parenting.

In Our Society

  • Inadequate resources of the child welfare system
  • Added stresses of welfare reform
  • Widening gap between the affluent and the poor
  • Lack of sustained, consistent abuse prevention policy
  • Distorted perceptions about child maltreatment

In The Media

  • Violence on television,
  • Violence in advertising,
  • Violence in film
  • The Impact of computer technology
  • Violence on the internet
  • Violence in computer games


We are committed to leading the state in preventing child abuse
and to being the catalyst for a statewide commitment to prevent
child abuse. In keeping with our mission, we advocate the end
of child abuse in all its forms. We provide, promote and support
programs so children live in functioning families in supportive
communities. We work with and through a statewide membership network
of individuals and organizations to carry out our programs and

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The following are
a coordinated response to the demonstrated need. They include
the Prevention Information Resource Center and Parent Helpline,
Healthy Families New York, public awareness and education, advocacy,
and annual Legislative and Prevention Conferences. The programs
are an integrated whole, offering prevention services that begin
with the needs of the child, the family, and the community they
live in; expand to the human services and volunteer community
that supports them, and reach out to the public officials and
public policy makers who have ultimate responsibility to assure
that every child has a protected childhood and people who can
guide them to a successful future in safe communities.

New York State Child Abuse Prevention Conference
an educational conference serving hundreds of professionals, volunteers
and advocates a year.
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The Prevention
Information Resource Center (PIRC) and Parent Helpline

A 24 hour, toll free, English
and Spanish helpline which Serves over 7,500 parents, professionals
and others a year. Providing New York State callers with needed
information and referrals. Producing and disseminating a quarter
of a million educational materials
a year.

Healthy Families New York
And The Healthy Families New York Training
and Resource Center.
Promoting, advocating and developing
home visiting programs for high-risk families of infants.

Legislative Advocacy Program
Providing advocacy leadership to hundreds of professionals
and advocates from across New York. Speaking out on and providing
expertise on policies and legislative issues that promote effective child protection and prevention services.

Public and Professional Education
Conducting 30-40 educational workshops
and speeches a year. Educating and providing communities with
prevention strategies that work.

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Our Funding

Annually, our budget of over $500,000 supports these programs.
It also gives us the resources and informational outreach that
influences hundreds of thousands of individuals — families, policy-makers,
physicians, law enforcement personnel, teachers, nurses, and human
service professionals and volunteers, from Albany to Buffalo,
from New York City to the Canadian border. Sometimes, our program
models are disseminated far and wide. In the case of our 10,000
Promises for Parents campaign, it has been adopted in numerous
states, and has been promoted through over 300 U.S. military installations
around the world.

Our organization has been nurtured and made
strong by the generous help and assistance of many people across
the State and across the USA.
our list of supporters


  • Over 35,000 individuals provide direct contributions
    to the financial base of Prevent Child Abuse New York
  • Thousands of individuals in communities across New
    York, representing the full diversity of the Empire State, have
    served as members of our Committee
  • We gain great capacity for our programs and support
    for our innovative efforts from our parent organization, Prevent
    Child Abuse America, and our sister chapters across the country
  • Prevent Child Abuse New York operates some of its programs
    in collaboration with the New York State Office of Family and
    Children Services, and The New York State William B. Hoyt Memorial
    Children and Family Trust Fund.

for Your Generous Support!

Now You Can Join our
list of supporters!

Karen Aikman
Thomas & Mary Ann Alberalla
Christine Averill – Green
Auriella Baker
Robert Barker
Clifford Berger
Sanford & Margaret Berman
Toni Ann Bernard
John Bickford
Marcy & Robert Birch
Bollam,Sheedy,Torani & Co.
Nancy & John Braaten
Thomas & Naomi Bradshaw
Virginia Brennan
Milton Browner
Maryann Bryant
Thomas Burger
Janet Butts
James Cameron
Stephen Ceci
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Andrea Cru
E. Bernice Danks
Virgina Davidson
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Dr. John Pellegrino & Dr. David Bagshaw
John Eckenrode
Edwin T. Engman
Michael & Joanne Esposito
Mark & Pat Evans
Jean Felt
Liz Finn
Vincent J. Fontana,
Stanley Friedland
Joan Fuess
Francesca Galluccio- Steele
Lynn Gasorowski
Joseph Gerrity
Thomas Hanna
Leah Harrison
Elizabeth M. Haviland
Bill Hayes
Harriet Helfstein
Cathy Helmes
Jim & Leslie Hudson
Denise Joselson
Kathleen Keane
Lori Keegan Brady
Don & Martha Kennedy
Deborah Kenny
M. Klein
Susan C. Koehler
Edward Laird, Jr.
Betty & Charles Lamb
Kenneth J. LauSanford & Margaret Levine
Leona Lewis
Gary Lind
Dorothy Litwin
Karen Luciano
Mike Lydon
Nancy & Robert Lynk
Fredrick Mack
Barbara Marder
Barbara Martinage
Carol Merrill- Mazurek,
Lorraine McCurry
Carol R. McNally
Mike McNulty
Authelia & Pietro Minervini
Dr. & Mrs. Henry Neilley
Michael Nunno
Diana M. O’ Neill
Florence O’Brien
Cindy Pierce- Lee
Barbara Pistorino
Martin Alan Poole
Elleanor H. Pruitt
Michael & Susan Purdy
Freeman Putney
Anne Reiniger
Judy Russell
Judy Russell
Carol J. Saginaw
Mary A. Seymour
Laura Shore
Mary Ann Smith
Lynn Steiner
Roberta K. Sullivan
Maureen Swinford
Lucinda Taylor
Katherine Teets – Grimm
Felix Teitlebaum
Marney & Joe Thomas
David Timmerman
Patrick Tooman
Charles J. Trupia
Tony Truscello
Anna Waldherr,Esq.
Anne Waldorf – Hoff
Patricia Ward
Lorraine Wolverton
Steven &Cheryl Zimmer


of Our Supporters

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Prevent Child Abuse New York
Important Photocopying / Copyright” Information

To assist with utilizing the Information or materials
you receive from Prevent Child Abuse New York WEBSITE Please Note:

1. You DO have express permission from Prevent Child Abuse
New York to copy, download, photocopy and distribute materials
found on this website. They have been developed to share with
professionals and families. However Any and All other Graphics,
photos And Artwork found on this website are sole property of
Prevent Child Abuse New York and are not to be downloaded, copied
or distributed without express written


Child Abuse New York
134 S. Swan Street, Albany NY 12210 518-445-1273 http://child.cornell.edu/ncpca/home.html


2. The Above logo and contact information must be copied and
pasted on each piece to ensure the reader knows where to call
with questions. Please reproduce each piece as it stands, with
the optional addition of your program’s contact information. Prevent
Child Abuse New York does not grant permission to alter the text
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3. Prevent Child Abuse New York grants permission ONLY
to not-for-profit and educational organizations
to reprint our materials as articles in their member newsletters,
with two qualifications: (1) the content of the piece must not
be altered, although the appearance may be altered to fit your
newsletter format; (2) a credit line must immediately precede
or immediately follow the article recognizing Prevent Child Abuse
New York as the source of the information.

4. Prevent Child Abuse New York Logo (child picking flower)
may be reproduced only when reproducing Prevent Child Abuse New
York materials and only in conjunction with the name: Prevent
Child Abuse New York.
Permission for any other use of
the logo would require discussion and consideration of special
approval. Please contact Prevent Child Abuse
New York
with any other questions related to copyright.

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We want to Hear From You!

Christine Deyss, Executive
 Pam Balmer, HFNY Resource Center Assoc. Lee Cameron, Products
Helen Marshall,
PIRC Assoc.
 Ana S. Winans PIRC Coord.

Not pictured Ann Pitkin, HFNY Resource Center Coordinator

Please call, email or write to us:
Child Abuse New York

134 S. Swan Street
Albany, NY 12210

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