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– At the Reserach Floor, Children’s House presents links to research results and institutions involved in child research world wide. You will also find a link to the Childwatch on-line Database of 200 European Research Institutions involved in child research.

On-line research reports
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  • We recommend:
    • Statistical Links
      For researchers using the Web to find data, we recommend a link index developed by the Dutch Statistical Agency. The register provides links to a variety of available statistics resources on the Intenet.

  • On-line Research Reports
    • Children and Prostitution
      How Can We Measure and Monitor The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children? Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography. This report was prepared for the Congress Against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Stockholm, 26-31 August, 1996

  • Child Research World Wide

    Child Research in Europe

    • Centre for Europe’s Children, England. Contains: Documentation on children’s rights in Europe. Use the site to gather information or submit documents on children’s rights and advertise your publications and events on children’s rights in Europe.
    • THE CHILDREN 5 – 16 RESEARCH PROGRAMME, England. Contains: Introduction to the Programme, The Programme, Profile of the Programme, Details of research projects, Programme staff, Other useful Web pages.
    • Nordic Youth Research Information (NYRI) Contains: Information bibliography, Information Directory, Newsletter, Journal etc. on youth reserach in the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden).
    • The Norwegian Centre for Child Research (NOSEB), Norway, a national, interdisciplinary centre supporting both basic and applied child research. Its purpose is to enlarge our knowledge of how children’s development is affected by social, historical, cultural and psychological processes.
    • Children’s Rights Centre, University of Ghent, Belgium. The activities of the Children’s Rights Centre, being a part of the University of Ghent, Belgium, can be grouped around three main topics. These are : teaching, research and community services.
    • Institute of Children’s Studies, University of Minho, Portugal Contains: The IEC regulation, IEC development plan, General information, Departments, Courses, Child Education Studies Center, Bulletin – “IEC information” and list of Events.
    • Centre International de l’Enfance et de la Famille, France Contains: Information on Objectives, Synergy between Training, Action-Reserach and Dissemination of Knowledge, The Major Subjects of CIDEF’s Activities, Status and Resources and list of Responsible Officers and Staff of CIDEF.
    • Nordic Center for Research on Toys and Educational Media, NCFL The secretariat of ITRA (International Toy Research Association) is also hosted by NCFL at the University of Halmstad. The aim of NCFL is to establish a field of research on toys and educational media. NCFL also aims to obtain a network of and cooperation with toy researchers, toy manufacturers, organizations and authorities to help making research on toys progressive all over the world. The facilities include computer support, library and databases on literature, journals and articles on toys.
    • Catalan Interdisciplinary Network of Researchers on Children’s Rights and Quality of Life The Network – whose acronym in Catalan is XCIII – is formed by twelve research groups at five Catalan universities and consists of seventy-six researchers. From its beginnings the network has been interdisciplinary and is composed of researchers in the fields of psychology, pedagogy, mass-media and social education. This network began with Catalan research collaboration and is now linked with other countries, mainly European ones, related to social perspectives of studying childhood as a group of the major population. The main principle that guides our work is the Declaration of Children’s Rights as set out in the UN convention and the promotion of children’s quality of life.

    Child Research in North America

    • The Family Life Development Center, Cornell University, New York Contains: Mission Statement, Current programme, The Child Abuse Prevention Network, The National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect (NDACAN), The U.S. Army Family Advocacy Program and Just for Kids: A project on psychological maltreatment of children.
    • Child Trends Child Trends, Inc. is a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization that studies children, youth, and families through research, data collection, and data analysis.
      Contains:Descriptions of current research projects, abstracts of recent publications and publication list.

    Child Research in Latin America

    • Fundación PANIAMOR, San Jose Contains: Information on the institution’s Strategy, Information activities, Training programs, Information collection and activities for advocacy and convening.
    • The Center for Research on Childhood, Universidade Santa Ursula, Rio de Janeiro Contains: A brief presentation, Most important current project, Titles available in English, Publication list 1984 – 1996, Lines of Action and Children’s Documentation Centre.
    • El Centro de Documentación “Infancia en América Latina” CEDIAL Contains: Description of varios documents (in Spanish): Educación sexual para brasileños desde los 7 años, Epidemia mata a bebés, Brasil, En los colegios: Crece el consumo de drogas entre estudiantes, Cambiarán política para rehabilitar a los menores, Comercio Sexual recluta a niños para sus redes: También operaría en Chile, Bebés robados en Paraguay, Salvemos el Futuro, Tribunales de la Familia, Fusilados asesinos de niña en Guatemala, Frei defendió Programa JOCAS de Educación Sexual, Reconstruyendo sonrisas, Meningitis origina alerta en hospital Félix Bulnes, Un tercio de los lactantes presentan anemia por falta de hierro, La primavera gatilla depresiones y aumentan los suicidios, Descartan que haya epidemia por presencia del adenovirus en el país, Soluciones “privadas” para desempleo juvenil, Niños con futuro, En Concepción: Inauguran VI Cumbre de Educación and Definirán cantidad de niños trabajadores: Estudio lo harán a fin de año,

    Child Research in Asia

    • The Child Research Net, Japan The Child Research Net is a research center on the Internet to study, analyze and solve the problems that children are facing.
    • Center for Child Development, Hong Kong Contains: Aim and Future Development, Center Services, Other Center’s Services, Center’s Newsletter, Advisory Council and Staff Directory.

    Child Research in Africa

    Child Research in Australia and New Zealand

    • The Australian Institute of Family Studies The Australian Institute of Family Studies is the national research and information agency on issues affecting families in Australia. The Institute conducts research and supports Australian family research, policy and practice by providing a national information centre. The website offers a range of information resources including publications, databases, media releases, online library catalogue, forthcoming conferences, and links to Australian and world wide research and policy websites.
    • The Children’s Issues Centre University of Otago Dunedin, New Zealand The Centre aims to provide a national interdisciplinary forum for research into and dicussion of children’s issues, as well as resources and information for those involved with children. The centre has an educational, research and policy role and its main mission is to “monitor, co-ordinate, produce and disseminate information about children’s well being and healthy development”.

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