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Right now there are
thousands of pedophiles surfing in children’s misery on the
Pedophile networks are using the Internet to spread
child pornography throughout the world.
Innocent victims are being stripped of their
childhood, defiled to feed perverted lust.
This organised rape of the young occurs
because someone is willing to pay, while others close there
eyes or look the other way.
Protected by a data screen, the chances of
net pedophiles being caught have been minimal.

Until now.

Instead of the net becoming a speakeasy for
pedophiles, Save The Children Norway want to use it as a
weapon to stop them.
But we need all the help we can get. Every time you find any form of child
pornography on the net, or networking among child
abusers, use our e-mail
[email protected]
and inform us.
We will pass substantiated information on to
the Norwegian police, who will channel it to the correct
international authorities.
By tracing pedophile activity we can
together hope to destroy it.

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Redd Barna (Save The
Children Norway) in co-operation with the Norwegian
Ombudsman for Children, Trond Waage, presented an initiative
to fight child pornography on the net at the first World
Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
in late August 1996.

 The three main points:

1. We have established the child pornography
tips e-mail

[email protected]

2. All information on child pornography or
networking among child abusers is greatly appreciated.
Substantiated information will be passed on to the Norwegian
police, who will channel it to the correct international
authorities. If you desire, we will keep your input

3. 3. Save The Children Norway are against censorship on the net. Free
flow of information on the net is precious and should be
guarded. But we should also try to fight crime in
CyberSpace, as we do in the real world. Maybe a CyberCop is
the answer? We welcome your viewpoints on how to fight
documented child abuse ( i.e. child pornography) on the net,
without abusing freedom of speech.

in the discussion in our interactive
In 1997 we received 1945 messages from all over the world. Substantiated information has been handed over to the police, who have taken the necessary actions.

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Below you will find links to
various sites related to the fight against child pornography
on the Internet. Please inform us if there are any ‘obvious’
links missing from the list.


is a non-profit organisation monitoring Pedophilia on the Internet.

The UK based Internet Watch Foundation encourage all netizens to report potentially illegal material to their hotline. They can only act on material that can be prosecuted under UK legislation.

MAPI, the Movement Against Pedophilia on the Internet,
is an initiative from a group of professors and researchers
from the Computer Science Department and from the Faculty of
Law of the University Notre-Dame de la Paix of Namur

Read CNN’s article on:
What’s indecent on the
Internet, and who should decide?

Have a look at the documentation from the
World Congress on Sexual Exploitation of Children.

In USA you can call
1-800-BE ALERT to reach the US Customs
Child Pornography & Protection Unit with information on
child pornography.

(End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography And The
Trafficking Of Children For Sexual Purposes), one of the
co-organisers of the World Congress in Stockholm, has
developed a paper on child pornography.


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