Children’s House: Health Floor

 Moderator for the Health Floor in Children’s

House is WHO

Welcome to the Health

Floor in

Children’s House.


This floor is moderated by the  World

Health Organization, Division of Child

Health and Development with the support from other organizations and

institutions on the House Committee.



Global Approach to Integrated Management of Childhood


Division of Child Health and Development (CHD), World Health Organization 


Web Resources on Children and Health:

  • John and Catherine

    MacArthur Foundation In 1995 the Health Program’s grantmaking focused

    on three areas of mental health and development: generating new knowledge,

    particularly in the areas of middle childhood and developmental psychopathology;

    enhancing the practice of clinical psychiatry; and improving public policy

    approaches to mental health concerns and juvenile justice. By concentrating

    on creating new knowledge, improving clinical and professional practice,

    and promoting the use of scientific knowledge to improve decision making

    in law and policy, the Foundation hopes to contribute to the health and

    well-being of all individuals. A fundamental assumption of the Health Program

    is that it is in society’s best interest to promote the mental health of

    its citizens.

  • Children’s Environmental Health Network 

    The Network is a national multi-disciplinary and multicultural project

    dedicated topediatric environmental health. Our mission is to promote a

    healthy environment and to protect the fetus and the child from environmental

    hazards. Our areas of concentration are education, research, and policy.

  • American Academy of

    Child and Adolescent Psychiatry’s Facts for Families – provides 46

    fact sheets in French, Spanish and English on topics such as the adopted

    child, children and AIDS, helping children after a disaster, children of

    parents with a mental illness (United States)

  • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

    – a national agency for health and statistics information, the site includes

    full text of two comprehensive national reports on the state of children’s

    health and welfare and government services and policies

  • Global Childnet

    – a Canadian based organisation offering a range of child health related

    information services including an online copy of the journal Global Child

    Health News and Review, bibliographical

    and organizations databases, transcripts from the Second Child Health

    2000 Congress, and links to global information resources relating to the

    welfare of children (Canada)

  • International

    Child Health Nursing Alliance

  • The International Child Health Nursing Alliance is a recently established

    network of nurses and associated health professionals, connected by the

    Internet, who care for children and their families around the world. The

    ICHNA was newly formed at the Child Health 2000 Congress and Exposition

    in Vancouver, British Columbia in May-June 1995 as an associated organization

    of pediatric nurses and child health professionals allied to Global Child

    Health Society . At that time, a group of child health nursing leaders

    from around the world developed a report with organizational goals to form

    an alliance of individuals and groups to foster a child-friendly world

    and improve the health and happiness of children.

  • World

    Summit for Children 1990

  • The World Declaration on the Survival, Protection, and Development

    of Children, as Agreed to at the World Summit for Children on 30 September


  • Infant,

    Young Child and Maternal Nutrition … – Publications

  • Infant and young-child feeding practices are often the immediate cause

    of poor nutrition among a larger proportion of poor children in nearly

    all parts of the world. WHO’s efforts to bring together the major strands

    of necessary action to improve these infant and young child feeding practices

    is documented inInfant and Young-Child Feeding: A Global Approach and Plan

    of Action.

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