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Childwatch International

Center for Independent Ecological Programs
of the Socio-Ecological Union, Russian Federation

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Center for Independent Ecological Programs of the Socio-Ecological Union


P.O. Box 67
115407 Moscow
Russian Federation

Tel: +7-095-118 8686
Fax: +7-095-118-86-86
E-mail: [email protected]

Maria Cherkasova
E-mail: [email protected]

Ecology and health
– Independent examination of children’s health in relation to chemical and
radioactive environmental contamination in various regions of Russia. Particular
attention is paid to super ecotoxins (dioxins and rocket fuel-heptyle)
– Forming the public system for preserving children’s health in an ecological
crisis in Russia
– Disabled children in the regions of ecological disasters

Preserving the natural and cultural heritage
– Projecting and creating protective natural and cultural territories in
the European part of Russia
– Several parks and nursery projects

Ecological education
– Forming of children’s and adults’ ecological world view. Suzdal Ecological
Cultural Educational Center has special importance as a base for conducting
this work

5 staff members and about 25 non-staff members (volunteers and individuals
working on contracts)

– Biology
– Medicine
– Technical sciences
– Chemistry
– Ecology

– Socio-Ecological Union, local branches
– Association of Ecology and Children’s Health, Russia
– Clearinghouse for Citizen’s Initiatives, USA
– Institute of World Affairs, CT, USA
– Norwegian Centre for Child Research
– Child Rights Information Network
– ISAR: A Clearinghouse on Grassroots Cooperation in Eurasia

Last updated: 26 August 1998