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Norwegian Centre for Child Research

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Norsk senter for barneforskning (NOSEB)
(Norwegian Centre for Child Research)

N-7055 Dragvoll

Tel: +47-73 59 62 40
Fax: +47-73 59 62 39
Email: [email protected]

Web site:

Turid Midjo
Acting director

Four main areas:
– Childhood in a cultural perspective
– Kindergarten and school
– Children’s social development, child welfare and social network
– Children and their physical environment
Other projects:
Among the on-going projects are:
– Children’s participation
– Child care, family and child welfare
– Evaluation of a family counselling programme
– Children and Traffic
13 employees:
– 3 administrative staff
10 researchers:
– psychologists
– sociologists
– educators
– social workers
– anthropologists
– preschool educators

NOSEB organizes international conferences in a five-year cycle.

NOSEB publishes the quarterly journal Barn (articles primarily in
English), a report series, and, in collaboration with Sage Publications
Ltd, London, the quarterly journal Childhood.

Last updated: 7 July 1998

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