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Report form the First Meeting of Key Institutions continues…


The meeting decided that the clusters mentioned above need further discussion in terms of identifying the tasks and the relationships between clusters. However, their most important function for the time being would be as indications of issues that need further elaboration and issues that should be addressed from an inter-institutional approach. Participants in the meeting would consult with the management of their respective institutions for further identification of areas of priority, and where they would want to be involved in the process of follow-up. When three or more institutions have committed themselves to further engagement in an area, task force groups would be set up with Childwatch as facilitator.

The mandates of the various task force groups would be to develop a strategy for each of the clusters in terms of meeting the concerns with concrete action. In most cases there will also be a need for an assessment of the funding needed for the proposed actions, and how that funding could be secured, either through contributions from participating institutions, from external sources (e.g. research foundations) or through a combination.

The group agreed to meet again, and with additional institutions to be invited by the end of 1995. By that time the various task force groups would have had time to develop proposals for actions and workplans for follow-up, and Childwatch would have proceeded with the projects described above (e.g. electronic exchange of information, mapping of institutions).

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