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Moderator for the Child Rights Floor in Children’s House is CRIN

Welcome to the

Child Rights Floor in Children’s House!

This floor is moderated by the

Child Rights Information

Network, CRIN, with support from other organizations and institutions on

the House Committee.

The Child Rights Floor points the way to

the all the best child rights information on the world wide web

The Child Rights Floor offers you a series of links to web

sites containing substantive information on child rights issues. Alongside each

link we give a short note about each information provider and what you can

expect to find on their web pages.

In collaboration with Defence for

Children International

we have also put an electronic version of the DCI kit on international standards concerning the rights of

the child in the Child Rights Floor. The kit contains the text of the

six standards concerning the rights of the child and each is accompanied by an

introductory article explaining in plain English the key points in each text.

The DCI kit on

international standards concerning the rights of the child


Information on children’s rights on the world wide web

United Nations High Comissioner for Human Rights

Through this site you can find the country reports on the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child under

Country Reports


Casa Alianza –

Convent House

SJO 1039 -PO Box 025216,
Miami, FL. 33102-5216

[email protected]

Casa Alianza is an independent , nonprofit organisation dedicated to the

rehabilitation and defence of street children

in Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico. Casa Alianza is the Latin America branch of

the New-York based Convent House a nonprofit , Catholic agency

Casa Alianza’s web pages contain a large amount of information on street

children, particularly relating to the three countries where they are working

Their pages include background information, full text press releases and news

items. They also include amnesty reports on advocacy and street children;

Multinationals ,street children and glue, and AIDS and street children. .




35 Piccadilly

[email protected]

Childnet International is a non-profit organisation, concerned to enable

children to benefit from all the changes in international communications, and to

protect them from any negative influences.

Childnets web pages are still in the process of construction. Currently

they detail Childnet’s future aims to promote good practice in the industry, to

educate and inform, and their research plans. Their pages look best when viewed

with explorer.



PO Box 1132
Blindern, N-0317 Oslo

[email protected]

Childwatch is an international network for institutions and individuals

involved in research for children.

Childwatch’s web pages lists the projects key institions and reports of

meetings, full text of their annual report and abstracts of publications. The

pages will also list reports from childwatch projects as they become available,

including a report from the indicators project on children and prostitution and

a report on urban childhood.

The pages also give direct online access to childwatch’s

database on European Reseach.



Rights Information Network – CRIN

17 Grove Lane
London SE5 8RD

[email protected]

CRIN is a newly formed international information network for organisations

and individuals who are involved in child rights activities. Members of the

network are committed to the Convention on the Rights of the Child and sharing

information with others to promote children’s rights.

CRIN is currently developing a set of web pages which provide information

on children’s rights issues, activities and details of organisations working in

the area of children’s rights. The pages are also linked to

CRIN’s organisations database,

which lists details of resource collections, research projects and publications

produced by organisations working in the area of children’s rights.


Defence For Children International

PO Box 88
1211Geneva 20

[email protected]

DCI is a non-governmental organisation set up to ensure on-going practical,

systematic and concerted international action is specifically directed towards

promoting and protecting the rights of the child.

In order to help all those individual organisations working for the legal

and social defence of children DCI has produced a kit

of relevant international standards concerning the Rights of the Child.

Each text is accompanied by an introductory article to help readers better

understand the legal texts .An electronic version of the kit is available

through the Child Rights Floor.


The Fourth World

Documentation Center

Center for World Indigenous Studies
Attn: FWDP
PO Box

Olympia WA
98507-2574 US

[email protected]

The fourth world documentation project aims to document and make available

to tribal governments, researchers and organizations, important documents

relating to the social, political, strategic, economic and human rights

situations being faced by Fourth World nations .Over the past eleven years CWIS

has archived thousands of documents generated by tribal governments,

inter-tribal organizations, county, state and federal governments and

international bodies like the United Nations.

Their collection of documents includes many directly relating to the rights of the children of minority

and indigenous peoples.

Including many documents dealing with childrens education,

social welfare and health.




#133-990 Beach Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6E 4M2

[email protected]

Global Childnet is an organisation currently developing a range of easily

accessible, child health related, on-line services using the internet. They

deal exclusively with electronic information on

children and children’s health. The services they currently offer

via their web pages include list of links to existing information sources, news

briefs on relevant information on the internet and access to their two


The bibliographic

database contains screened bibliographic citations and the

organisations database


Human Rights


485 Fifth Avenue
New York
NY 10017-6104

[email protected]

Human Rights Watch conducts regular,systematic investigations of human

rights abuses in some seventy countries around the world.

HRW is currently involved

in a collaberative project on Childrens rights and a number of it’s reports

relating to this project are available through it’s web pages.

The reports cover rights issues connected with detention of children in

Jamica, Children abused by security forces and paramilitaries in Northern

Ireland, judicial execution of children in the US,child soldiers in Liberia and

the Sudan, bonded labour in India, street children and the police in Bulgaria,

and children and human rights in the US.


The International Save the

Children Alliance

59 Chemin Moise Duboule
CH – 1209

[email protected]

The International Save the Children Alliance is made up of 23 member

organisations. All the work of the Alliance organisations is based on the

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Alliance web pages focus on three priory themes currenly prioritised by

the Alliance’s members. The

Convention on the Rights of the child, children poverty and the economic system,

and children in armed conflict and displacement.

The pages include several major documents produced by the Alliance on these

themes, contact details for members of the NGO group for the convention and a

list of national coalitions world wide.



of Minnesota – Human Rights Library

[email protected]

The University of Minnesota’s Human Rights Library has over 90 of the most important international human rights

treaties and other instruments; general comments recommendations , decisions ,

and views of human rights treaties bodies.The treaties and general

comments are accessible through a WAIS search device.This is a superb resource

offering electronic versions of all official documents relating to the



Radda Barnen

Torgaten 4
S-10788 Stockholm

Radda Barnen’s (Swedish save the Children) runs

web pages in English and Swedish. Their pages include the full text in English

of Radda Barnen’s newsletter on child soldiers

and material published in association with the August conference, the World Congress against the commercial sexual exploitation of




the Children UK

Mary Datchelor House
17 Grove Lane
Camberwell SE5 8RD

Save the Children is the UK’s leading international children’s charity.

SCF’s Web pages give basic information on their publications which include

research reports and working papers on child rights issues




E-mail directory

UNICEF’s web pages contain the full text of

1997’s state of the world’s children and include a downloadable

version of the full document. Their pages also have articles and information on

child labour and a report from the international day of children’s


Their section on

children’s rights has detailed information on the convention , including a

commentry on the major headings of the convention, the process of ratification,

its current status, and monitoring the convention.



send any comment or suggestions to

[email protected]