DCI – Hague Convention 3

Defence for Children International

The Hague


Recognition of Adoptions

A certified adoption in accordance with the Hague Convention will be

automatically recognised by the other contracting States (art. 23) unless it “is

manifestly contrary to its public policy”, that is, if it runs counter to

the fundamental principles of this State

(art. 24).

The recognition of the adoption includes:

the legal parent-child relationship

between the child and his or her adoptive parents;

the parental responsibility of the

adoptive parents for the child;

the termination of a pre-existing

legal relationship between the child and his or her mother and father (art. 26).

If this relation is not terminated, the conversion from a “simple”

to a complete adoption is possible in the receiving State under certain

conditions (art. 27).

General provisions

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