Listen to Radio Spots!

a link below to listen:

These 30-second Radio Spots work best with Apple’s QuickTime 4
plug-in, but these soundtracks should play with your browser’s default multi-media plug-in.
(get QuickTime 4

NOTE: when you get to the QuickTime 4 page, scroll down and look
for the special download window on the left. Follow instructions, and QuickTime will be automatically installed.
FURTHER HELP: You can also download these audio files and play them off-line.
Just Right-Click on the file you want and select “Save This Link As…” When the file name appears, make sure it ends
with “.mov” and note where Windows is saving the file. You can then navigate to where the file is in your directories,
and double-click to launch QuickTime Player, and click on the big Right Arrow button in the middle to listen.

Listen now!

“So Far Apart” 207k
“Couples” 206k
“Safe At Last” 184k
“Could They Have Known?” 191k


These are big
files for your radio stations. Get them to listen to them on their
computers! (will take 10 to 15 minutes to download via modem — use Right Click to save these files.)

“So Far Apart” 2.5M
“Couples” 2.5M
“Safe At Last” 2.2M
“Could They Have Known?” 2.3M