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This is the Home Page for the U. S. Army Family Advocacy Program. Created by the Cornell Family Life Development Center for the Army's Strong Families Strong Soldiers program, this resource is designed to support the information and marketing objectives of Family Advocacy. The focus of this resource is on prevention of child abuse, child exploitation, domestic violence, adolescent and community violence. The purpose is to support the Army mission of readiness through reinforcement of
Safety, Community Cohesion, Personal Preparedness and Self-Sufficiency.

Here are some model resources to support the prevention mission of the Family Advocacy Program.

One of the most powerful ways of sending consistent messages that reinforce every aspect of the FAP mission is to tap the power of radio. An organized, credible, and continuous package of information broadcast throughout the community day and night can set the pace for positive change.

Assessment, marketing and outcome evaluation are keys to meeting the FAP mission. Focus groups are a well recognized, economical and systematic way to find out what is needed, how to meet the expectations of variuous market segments, and how to test the efficacy of FAP prevention programs and public awareness campaigns. Here is a workbook for professionals.

Here is a sample public awareness package that can be put to immediate use in any Army community. Instructions on implementation include encouragement to form a local committee who can pitch in and make this a success for every aspect of ACS. Camera Ready artwork makes it easy to spread the power of 10,000 Promises throughout the community.

The year-end holidays are a good timed to put out the prevention message. Here is a sample set of "holiday stress-reducers" designed for saturation broadcasting throughout the intense 6-week period from late November to the end of the year. Test these PSA's out on Focus Groups in your community, and then refine and add to this list of useful radio spots.