CWI Projects – The European Survey

The European Survey

In cooperation with the International Network for Child Rights Information, UNICEF and UNESCO, Childwatch International has
carried out a survey of academic institutions in Europe to map their research
interests and information collections with respect to children’s rights.
A questionnaire was sent to some 700 institutions in Europe asking them to
report if they were involved in research relating to children’s rights or if
they had information collections. Just under 240 responses were returned,
which is considered a very good response. After the period of data collection
from June to August 1994, the data was computerised and analysed using the
UNESCO-developed software MicroIsis. In cooperation with the IT department
of the University of Oslo a presentation of the

Database on Research and Information on Children’s Rights in Europe

in the WorldWideWeb format for Internet has been developed. The results of the survey will be available in a printed directory, for on-line access at the Internet, and in a diskette version for use by personal computers not linked up to Internet.

The experiences of this exercise will be analysed before the next steps towards a global mapping are taken in cooperation with interested Key Institutions.

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