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 ANNUAL RADY CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL CONFERENCE: International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment January 26-31, 2014


Join the Physicians Network if you are a medical professional with clinical responsibility for child abuse and neglect cases.
Review the ABC Primetime special on “Parenting: Breaking the Cycle of Abuse”, featuring a family from an Exchange Club Center, the special includes a variety of interviews and a panel discussion with Linda Riggs, Salamanca, NY Exchange Club Center Executive Director; Karen Askew, National Exchange Club Foundation Interim Executive Director; and Alan Kazdin, Ph.D., professor of psychology and child psychology at Yale University. The focus of the program is that raising children can be extremely challenging, but help is available to parents. Want to see this entire special online? CLICK HERE
Official PayPal Seal  The Child Abuse Prevention Network <URL: child-abuse.com> is the Internet Nerve Center for professionals in the field of child abuse and neglect. Child maltreatment, physical abuse, psychological maltreatment, neglect, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse and neglect are our key areas of concern. We provide unique and powerful tools for all workers to support the identification, investigation, treatment, adjudication, and prevention of child abuse and neglect. Originally launched as an outreach effort of the Family Life Development Center (now the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research), the Child Abuse Prevention Network is sponsored by LifeNET, Inc.

A grant from the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation (ALCWF) has enabled us to add significant new resources to the preventchildabuse.com website, thus increasing our ability to more easily place parenting and prevention information into the hands of parents and caregivers of children across our nation. The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation, Inc. is committed to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual welfare of children through the effective dissemination of knowledge. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with ALCWF toward this worthy goal.